GATEMASTER Gas-Spring Closer

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The reliable and long lasting GSB gate closer is ideal for closing gates up to 80kg. Simply weld or screw fix the brackets to the gate and post and fit the closer the brackets.

  • Adaptable – The closer comes with either weld on or screw fixed brackets for fitting to a range of different gate types
  • Reliable – A proven closer that has been closing gates regularly for many years
  • Adjustable force – No need to release gas, the closer can be moved along the brackets to increase or decrease the force. This means the strength of the close can be adjusted
  • Easy to fit – Adjustable brackets also mean there is no need to compress the strut when fitting to a gate

GAS-SPRING CLOSER TO WELD ON: Gas-spring closer with brackets to weld on

GAS-SPRING CLOSER TO BOLT ON: Gas-spring closer with brackets to bolt on


These closers can close much heavier gates if the hinges are free running. Contact us on the product enquiry form if you are unsure on your particular gate.

Not sure if the GSB is right for your gate? Read this comparison between our GSB and our APS Hydraulic closer.