GATEMASTER Superlock Latch Deadbolt Gate Lock

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WATCH: Installation Video for Bolt-on Superlocks


The bolt on latch deadlock has both the convenience of a latch and the security of a deadlock.  For day to day use the handles operate the latch and this latch can then be deadlocked by turning the key.


  • Secure – Stainless steel latchbolt which latches 15mm into the gate post and then moves to 30mm when deadlocked
  • Adaptable – Slim 70mm case means this lock can suit a variety of different gate styles
  • Convenient – Latchbolt is adjustable in length and can be rotated for left or right handed gates
  • Reliable – Supplied with a guide plate with brass bearing to ensure the lock lasts!
  • Available in two sizes – 1030 for 10 to 30mm flat bar or box section gate frames and 4060 for 40 to 60mm gate frames
  • Supplied with handles – Two styles available a traditional plain lever style (S) or a traditional handle (T)
  • Double-sided – the BLD has handles and keyed access on both sides
  • Use with the Superlock keep to increase security and product life


Can be slammed shut and deadlocked for extra security.

Striker plate for post included. For flat bar and tube gates.